Tatomer Riesling

By Falina Marihart - October 30th, 2020 in White Wines

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About Riesling

It is easily one of my favorite white wine varieties. Its known for its versatility and aging capabilities. Riesling can be dry, sparkling or as a dessert wine. With this brief introduction about Riesling, I would like to introduce Tatomer Winery and his founder Grahan Tatomer.

Grahan Tatomer is the founder of Tatomer Winery with a devotion to produce outstanding California Riesling and Gruner Veltliner.  His journey began way back at high school when Grahan had his first job in a winery in Santa Barbara. The Lafond winery is one of the oldest Riesling vineyards in the area. This is where Grahan began his interest in wine making and developed his interest in Riesling.

In 2003, to decide to do an internship in Wachau Austria.  There, he found a mentorship and a family among the Knolls. Grahan spend 4 years in Austria learning deeply about Riesling and Gruner Veltliner varieties.  This experience influenced Grahan to make a Riesling and Gruner with a European approach but right here in California.

If you really like Riesling from Germany or Austria, this Riesling will not disappoint.  It is a Kabinett style (off-dry) tasting profile with floral and herbal on the nose, but without the common Petrol Notes of German Riesling, a characteristic that I love.  On the palate, there is a subtle taste of pear, melon, carica and great acidity which gives this wine great potential for aging if you wish to save it for several years.

When I think of food pairing options, our Crispy Lobster, Crispy Cauliflower tacos, and for sure, the Pan Roasted Chicken Breast are all best bets. Riesling is very a versatile wine.  You can always drink it as an aperitif or with your favorite salad here at 13 Prime Steak. – Pablo Antinao, Wine Director