Joseph Swan 2016 Pinot Noir Cuvee de Trois

By Falina Marihart - October 26th, 2020 in Red Wine

13 prime steak restaurant pinot noir

New Pinot Noir 

I am very excited to add to our wine list Joseph Swan Pinot Noir Cuvee de Trois. This winery had its first vintage in 1968, lead by the passion of Joe Swan. The winemaker is Rod Berglund  who is the son-in-law of Joseph Swan. This area is considered one of the best regions to grow Pinot Noir in California because it is located in the heart of the famed Russian River Valley.  The Vineyard for this wine is located approximately 15-18 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

In July of 2020, I was able to visit the winery for the first time.  I was able to see firsthand the level of dedication in crafting this high-quality Pinot Noir.  Joseph Swan Vineyards is a true artisan winery with a hands-off approach, like classic winemaking in Burgundy. The blend in this wine varies from year to year. This 2016 includes wine from Trenton Estate Vineyard, Trenton View, Saralee’s Catie’s Corner, Ritchie, Solas, DNA, and Great Oak.

In my opinion this wine has a great fruit structure, with a good combination of darker and red berries and a subtle spicy note of cardamon. This Wine is very delicious, and the mouth feel is very juicy and crisp, with a long finish. Regarding food pairing options, I would drink this Pinot Noir with our delicious new Beef Carpaccio, 13 Prime Steak’s Grilled Bacon, Oh my gosh! The 6 – 8oz Filet Mignon or Filet Diane, at this point my mouth is watering. Cheers! – Pablo Antinao, Wine Director